26 November 2007

FAQ: What do I get for my money?

You might be wondering why to sign up for downloadable audio book service. What is the benefit to an individual library?

First, and importantly, for your subscription fee, you have access to the entire collection of online audiobooks. Provided we raise our target amount, the consortium should be able to purchase approximately 500 audio books. Even at the $1,000 level, it is as if you are paying $2 a book -- significantly less than what we pay for books on cd! Our collection will only continue to grow as people pledge their subscription fees.

Second, this method for delivering content is where libraries are headed, and what many patrons look for. Patrons will be able to search and download at the library, of course, but they also can download a book to take on a trip at 6am the morning they leave, or access a book on school vacation -- the service is not dependent upon your catalog (or lack thereof) or your hours. Offering this service to your patrons moves Vermont and your library to the forefront.

Offering this service can dramatically expand your audio book offerings, without taking up an inch of space and without having to repair any pesky cds!

Finally, the more libraries that band together to provide the service, the more titles we can provide. Your library taking part -- and perhaps at the beginning, paying slightly more -- helps other libraries see the value in the service and provide it to their patrons.

See what New Hampshire has thought about the service at http://nhaudiobooks.blogspot.com/.

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