26 November 2007

FAQ: What kinds of books will there be?

The consortium is committed to providing a variety of content for patrons to download: New York Times best sellers and other popular titles; any available Dorothy Canfield Fisher titles; classics; language study; and, of course, the collection will try to include at least a few of those quirky titles libraries otherwise might not try. There will be a balance of children's, young adult, and adult titles, and both fiction and non-fiction will be purchased. Students, teachers, and patrons of all ages should be able to find something to listen to!

The titles in the collection will be chosen by a Selection Committee that is made up of five members: three public library representatives, one academic library representative, and one school library representative. If we have a large response from school or academic libraries, the Committee will add another representative from that kind of library, for a maximum of seven members. From the Committee members, a Coordinator will be chosen.

The members of the Committee will purchase according to a Selection Policy that has been approved by a majority of the participating libraries. This policy will cover not only what kinds of audio books to purchase, but give percentage guidelines and what kind of demand an item may have before an additional copy is purchased.

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