17 December 2007

OverDrive it is!

The votes are in, and the Green Mountain Library Consortium selection committee has chosen OverDrive (http://www.overdrive.com/products/dlr/) to provide downloadable audio book service to member libraries.

OverDrive has an excellent selection of titles from a wide variety of publishers, including a group of "Always Available" (i.e., unlimited simultaneous user) titles. Approximately 85% of the titles can be burned to cd, allowing for additional portability.

Importantly, OverDrive also offers a series of excellent online courses to help librarians wrap their heads around downloadable audio book service, and be able to answer basic patron questions.

Keep an eye on the posts labeled "FAQ" for more answers to specific questions about the service. And, if the choice of vendor has helped change your mind, let the committee know by emailing coordinator Stephanie Chase at schase[at]stowelibrary.org to sign up.

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