25 January 2008

Purchasing mp3 players

For all of you out there considering purchasing mp3 players to circulate, here's a little help. OverDrive has a partnership with Creative Labs to provide their players at a discount, but you must buy in blocks of ten. Yikes!

I did some checking on the prices, and the players can actually be had for less than this program through OverDrive. Check out the following players on Amazon:
Another recommendation is the Sansa Clip 1GB, which you can find on Amazon for around $35.

You'll find lots of Coby mp3 players for sale, often very inexpensively. Be sure to check the compatible devices page, though -- many of the Coby players do not work with OverDrive.

I am not recommending one over the other; you might want to choose based on the display options of the player. The Creative Zen Stone is low-priced, but like the iPod shuffle, does not have a display to show you what is playing. This might not be a big deal for your audio book listening patrons, or it may be!

Remember, 1GB is more than enough storage space for an audio book.

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