25 January 2008

Purchasing mp3 players

For all of you out there considering purchasing mp3 players to circulate, here's a little help. OverDrive has a partnership with Creative Labs to provide their players at a discount, but you must buy in blocks of ten. Yikes!

I did some checking on the prices, and the players can actually be had for less than this program through OverDrive. Check out the following players on Amazon:
Another recommendation is the Sansa Clip 1GB, which you can find on Amazon for around $35.

You'll find lots of Coby mp3 players for sale, often very inexpensively. Be sure to check the compatible devices page, though -- many of the Coby players do not work with OverDrive.

I am not recommending one over the other; you might want to choose based on the display options of the player. The Creative Zen Stone is low-priced, but like the iPod shuffle, does not have a display to show you what is playing. This might not be a big deal for your audio book listening patrons, or it may be!

Remember, 1GB is more than enough storage space for an audio book.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie,
Thanks for the info. I like the Sansa Clip from Amazon. Price is right and it has a window. Any suggestions from anyone about how to package these for circulation. I'm sure that someone has already come up with a clever solution.

Linda McSweeney
Spaulding High School

Stephanie & Morgan said...
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Stephanie Chase, coordinator said...


I circulated mine in a 20-CD sized binder, like my books on cd come in. I put the player in a pocket (either the ones that come with cds, or you can buy thicker plastic pockets from Staples and the like), the instruction book in a pocket, and some instructions I had typed for downloading in another pocket.

I did NOT circulate headphones, and tried to check the player every time it was returned to see that the batteries were okay and to clear any files off it.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions as to where to get cheap earbuds to sell to patrons?

Stephanie Chase, coordinator said...

I've heard Follett sells them cheap, in packages of 50, I think.