02 January 2008

Volunteers needed

We are looking for some additional help from Consortium members. We need:

1. An old CPU to run our proxy server on -- a CPU in your basement that is 5 years old or less would be great

2. Someone to volunteer to host the proxy server -- plugging it into your network and your electricity and making sure it is always on (a library with cable or DSL)

3. Someone to be the technology point person with OverDrive. We need to set up our server, and put our library info onto it. This should be a one-time task, and not take too long. This person, who would be savvy with technology, could also be our next line of defense with a patron problem -- we will all be getting training on how to use the service, so we should all be able to answer 95% of the questions our patrons have. After that, this person could be the one to provide the "oh yeah" types of answers and serve as the one to call OverDrive when all else fails. From other consortium experiences, this should not be time consuming in the least.

We need this volunteer help in order to provide the service. Let me know at schase[at]stowelibrary.org if you have any other questions or are interested in volunteering.

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