19 February 2008

FAQ: questions from trainings

Hello all,

here are a few more questions from the trainings:
  • If the audio book is in my basket or waiting for someone to pick up the hold, is it available? No. Just as in your physical library, if someone is carrying the book around or it is on the hold shelf waiting for someone, someone else can't pick it up.
  • Who chooses Staff Picks? Well, really, we all can. Did you listen to one of the audio books in our collection that you really liked? Let us know, and we can add it there!
  • Can a patron see what they have taken out before? Not on the web site. I have noticed, though, that titles can stay in the OverDrive Media Console.
  • What if I -- or my patrons -- need help? A recording of the Tuesday 3pm training will be available for us to have later. That's great if you couldn't make a training. All participants will have the slides from the presentation emailed to them as well -- let Stephanie know at schase[at]stowelibrary.org know if you need one of those slide PDFs. You have some other fabulous options, too, at the top right for help -- the 25-minute guided tour, check out assistance (with information on borrowing policies), and more.
  • What about promotional materials? We have purposefully waited to put out the promotional materials until after the trainings. The service is set to go live on March 1, but we imagine this will be a "soft" opening -- letting the momentum build up slowly, as library staff becomes comfortable with the service. Look for publicity materials to start becoming available next week.
  • What is this 10 digit number I am using? This is just while the site is in development. Once we go live, your patrons will use whatever the number was you gave to the GMLC. That might be your 14 digit barcode, or it might be your 4 digit prefix plus a two or three or four digit patron number.
Feel free to sit in on more than one training, and get on the site and start practicing! Go to http://www.listenupvermont.org and use the info provided to you by Annie in training.

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