28 February 2008

Logging in

Some of you have noticed that you no longer need the password given out in training to access the Listen Up! Vermont web site. The site is in the "go live" process, and trust me when I say that we all owe a million thanks to Chris Kirby from Ilsley Public in Middlebury for all of his incredibly detailed hard work getting the site ready.

Sometime in the next two days, you will see a pull-down menu for your patrons to choose your library from when they try to log in, and then a request for their library card number. If you have a check digit at the end of your barcode OR you are not automated, we are still in the process of figuring out exactly the best way for your patrons to log in. It looks as though check digits will be okay, and that non-automated patrons will have to log in using the combination of the prefix your library gave to the GMLC and your patron number. Stay tuned for a confirmation on that. (Update, 4:18pm: all participants should have received an email from Stephanie with more information about logging in and some cards to doctor up and hand out. Please let me know by email if you did not receive them -- schase[at]stowelibrary.org.)

In the meantime, you might find that your library card is rejected, or that you can't see your library name yet, etc -- don't fret. Let's just give Chris and the team at OverDrive the time they need to finish up, and keep checking back!

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