27 February 2008

Promotional materials

Don't worry -- we are working on getting promotional materials for the Listen Up! project. Where we're all volunteers, sometimes things take a bit longer, but custom-made bookmarks directly from OverDrive will be available in a few weeks (every member will get some for free -- more on that closer to their arrival), and once our custom materials are created, libraries may order posters, shelf-talkers, little business cards, and more bookmarks directly.

In the meantime, feel free to access OverDrive's standard materials. Print these out in color for yourself. You can also download the price list for purchasing custom materials later, by scrolling down inside the Box widget (the policies are still below, too):

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Here's a link to web logos, for you to put on your web site:


Two more things should be coming soon down the pike: a press release for us to all share, and access to some more standard materials.

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