07 February 2008

Vote on a logo, and more about MARC

First off -- a question about MARC records. Would people like to purchase MARC records for $1 each from OverDrive? If so, we'll get the records for every title in our collection ready for automated libraries to load in their catalogs.

Another option is that anyone out there using BookWhere -- as we are in Stowe -- to get their MARC records should be able to access MARC records for these titles, as BookWhere draws records from many big libraries that use OverDrive. These records would need to have the embedded URLs changed to reflect our collection.

If we can get a volunteer to download and change the MARC records, we have the opportunity to save $1 every time we buy a book -- that could be $500 or more every year. We only need to buy one set of these MARC records for the entire consortium to share, and the records provide a listing in your catalog for the titles, and a direct link for patrons to access the title through our OverDrive page. Opinion is mixed on this, so we're looking for guidance.

And second, folks seem to be ready to vote on a logo, so here's your chance:

Don't forget to sign up for your trainings! You can only vote once per computer, we have discovered, so if your staff will be doing different days, you'll have to vote from different computers. And, if your whole staff is interested in that Tuesday afternoon time, get them to vote! Don't forget: your whole staff, your volunteers, your trustees -- everyone can take this training.

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