19 March 2008

BIG news from OverDrive

Here's fantastic news about OverDrive's compatibility with iPods -- it is coming this summer! Here's a blurb, courtesy Brian Herzog ("the Swiss Army Librarian"):

"OverDrive just announced (at PLA, anyway) that they, too, are finally moving in the right direction. In June they’ll start offering mp3 files - which, best of all, will be iPod-compatible. And they’ll finally come out with a Mac interface, too. Read the entire announcement [pdf, 70kb]."

I am sure we will be hearing soon what exactly this means for us, but, having read the announcement, we will need to be looking at raising more funds if we want to purchase in this new format, and that in the future, we will have to make a collection development decision about what to purchase in what format and when. It also means that those of us with Macs will be able to use the service, as the OverDrive Media Console will now be Mac-compatible.

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