24 March 2008

Promotional materials and more

60,000 custom bookmarks from OverDrive have landed on my doorstep, and every consortium member will receive some for free, divided up this way:
  • $100 subscription level = 250 bookmarks ($4.60)
  • $250 subscription level = 500 bookmarks ($4.60)
  • $500 subscription level = 1,000 bookmarks ($6.85)
  • $1000 subscription level = 2,250 bookmarks ($8.95)
Now, I won't be counting these out exactly, but measuring and estimating. So no complaints that you received 457 bookmarks instead of 500!

Here's what you have to do: email me and let me know you would like bookmarks, and then send me the
postage listed above next to the subscription level and number of bookmarks you are set to receive. It's probably easiest if you sent me the actual stamps in the mail, and I can just stick them on. I will be mailing everything Priority Mail -- it is the cheapest way to go.

Of course, you are more than welcome to stop by the library in Stowe and pick yours up in person. Just let me know!

Please note: I will be out of the Library between 3/25 and 4/3. I will still be checking my email, but I won't be packing up any bookmarks to ship!

In addition, you can order custom materials directly from OverDrive, as well as standard materials. Let me know at schase[at]stowelibrary.org if you need contact information. For example, they've made us a nice custom poster, which you can order direct. I've put the file up in the Box widget, too -- if you can edit PDFs, you can change the Library name on the poster and print.

Speaking of our Box widget, you'll find a great introductory handout created by Amy Grasmick at Randolph (intro handout.doc or .pdf), a generic press release by David Clark from Middlebury (downloadables march 2008.doc), and a generic press release put together by OverDrive (Green Mountain Digital Library Consortium.doc). You'll still find our logos, small business cards, and some standard materials from OverDrive in the widget -- OverDrive has a great handout with instructions, too, called "trifold.pdf" Look too for their "Best Practices" handout -- on page 4, there is a great photo showing how one library circulates their mp3 players. I never thought of nestling it in foam!

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