05 March 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting -- no download button

Have you gotten this message while testing out the site?

"This download has been disabled. Please contact support"

Here's the deal, straight from our project manager at OverDrive:

"This messaging displays when a patron has tried to download an item directly from the website 3 times. Typically 3 downloads is going to be more than enough for a patron to download and access their title, but sometimes if a patron hasn't yet installed the OverDrive Media Console or has other technical issues, they might keep hitting the Download button and hit the download limit. When resetting the download link, it's always worth asking if it's the patrons first time trying to download a title and asking them to confirm that they have the OverDrive Media Console (and security upgrade) installed."

Maybe you're getting this message too as you try out your barcode or patron number.

Once we go live, if your patrons get this message, you should let Chris or I know.

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