28 April 2008

Notes from the Troubleshooting trainings

Sorry for the delay in getting these up, but here are some of the notes from the Troubleshooting trainings we recently had:

A good first step if patrons are having problems is to make sure you have upgraded your Windows Media Player. Open your OverDrive Media Console, click on tools, and then click on Windows Media Player. If you are still having trouble, try doing the upgrade manually (here's the blog post on it: http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/04/faq-troubleshooting-part-iii.html).

You next should check your device's compatibility, available on the right hand site in the Listen Up! site: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/.

Other issues you might see:
  • My hold has disappeared. This is probably because the time limit has expired for picking up the hold -- you have 30 minutes once the hold is placed in your cart to start the check out process (note, you do not have to finish downloading the item before that 30 minutes is up). The support team at OverDrive can bump your patron up the hold list if absolutely necessary. (Read below for another solution if your patrons are having trouble with their holds.)
  • Connection error. Often, this is a firewall error. Be sure to configure your firewall to allow the Console access (hopefully, if your patron has installed a firewall, they've got the knowledge to take care of this one, too).
  • CD player won't play the audio cd. Check your player's documentation: some cd players will not play burned cds. Check that you have burned the cd correctly, too, by trying it out on another player (like your computer's). Use CD-Rs to burn the books, not CD-RWs.
  • Missing download button. This happens when a patron has tried to download the item more than 3 times, and the patron will receive an error message. The Listen Up! support team can reactivate the downloads; email vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com for assistance.
Other items that came up:
  • No, you cannot return early. If the title is deleted from your OverDrive Media Console, it has only been deleted off your computer.
  • Your mp3 player won't let you transfer files if there is not enough room; if that is the case, the Console will give you an error message and allow you to delete old files.
  • You cannot see the due date of an item, but you can check when the title is available again by clicking on the cover for details -- from there, you could do the math to see if you would be able to access the title before leaving on a trip, for example.
  • Make sure your Java is updated. This has solved several upgrade problems.
What about if your patron is having trouble getting access to their holds in the first place? First, make sure the emails from OverDrive are not being caught by the spam filter (here's a blog post about that: http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/03/faq-troubleshooting-part-iii.html).

Then, make sure that if the patron has 2 or more library card numbers that they are checking the correct account for the title. This is the most common cause of this problem.

Next, check that the patron is using a library card number that is no longer valid. This is usually the case when patrons cards are lost/stolen and a new library card number is issued. Since the hold was associated to the old library card number, the hold will not show on the new library card number. If this is the case, please let OverDrive know and they can update the patron's account.

Be sure to keep an eye on all the posts in the troubleshooting category for tips to help your patrons!

FAQ: Troubleshooting, part IV: DLL errors

Submitted by one of our member libraries --

Here's the question:
After pulling 2 or 3 books down without incident, I'm now getting an
error when downloading from Overdrive Media Console. I select download
on the listenupvermont.org download page, where I've checked out a
book. OMC starts up, and the Get Media window appears, showing the
title of the book and the save folder. I click OK, and get a window
saying "Error loading type library/DLL."

I've removed and reinstalled OMC, and rebooted. Any suggestions? I
don't see this in the help files.

And OverDrive's answer:

We are sorry for the trouble your patron experienced. The error they
received is caused when there is a problem with one of the system DLL
files OverDrive Media Console uses. To resolve that, please ask them to
follow these steps:

1. Uninstall OverDrive Media Console by going to the "Add/Remove
Programs" control panel.
2. Once uninstalled, navigate to C:\Windows\System32
3. Rename capicom.dll to capicom.dll.old
4. Reinstall OverDrive Media Console. The installation file can be
downloaded from http://www.overdrive.com/files/odmediaconsolesetup.msi

Please let us know if this helped or if we can be of further assistance.

Thank You,
The Library Reserve Support Team

Content Reserve access

I've gone through my list of participating libraries and given everyone an account for their library to access the reports section of OverDrive's Content Reserve. Remember, we will be having trainings in May on how to best use these reports -- be sure to take a look at the dates and see which one you might like to attend. You also need to use Internet Explorer to access the reports.

Be sure to let me know if you have not received an email generated by OverDrive that contains your username and password.

23 April 2008

New titles for April

Look for these new additions to the collection:

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz, Jonathan Davis
The Bush Tragedy Jacob Weisberg, Robertson Dean
The Girl with No Shadow Joanne Harris, Susanna Burney
Honor Thyself Danielle Steel, Kyf Brewer
Ladies of Liberty Cokie Roberts
Lady Killer Lisa Scottoline, Kate Burton
A New Earth Eckhart Tolle
Nixon and Kissinger Robert Dallek, Eric Conger
Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely, Simon Jones
Protect and Defend Richard North Patterson, Patricia Kalember
Strangers in Death J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen
Tree of Smoke Denis Johnson, Will Patton
Unaccustomed Earth Jhumpa Lahiri, Sarita Choudhury
What Now? Ann Patchett, Ann Patchett

These additions include several of the titles that recently won or were nominated for Pulitzers, including The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao by Diaz, Tree of Smoke by Johnson, and Nixon and Kissinger by Dallek.

21 April 2008

GMLC Annual Meeting

You should have received an email letting you know about the first annual Green Mountain Library Consortium Annual Meeting on May 13, 2008 at 6:30pm at the Vermont Pub & Brewery, during the Vermont Library Conference. This will be a great way to meet folks participating in the Listen Up! Vermont project.

Find out more at the GMLC blog: http://gmlc.wordpress.com. This is where we post our Board of Directors agendas, meeting minutes, and other Consortium-wide info.

new marc records

We have new marc records available for download. To find them on the blog, go to the side panel and click on the "marc records" tag under "labels". This will take you to the Box widget where I'm uploading marc records. As soon as marc records arrive, I upload them here. If you haven't loaded marc records into your catalog yet, they are pretty nifty. Each marc record includes a Web link to the title on the Listen Up! Vermont Web site.

16 April 2008

Two new trainings scheduled

Take a look at the sidebar and schedule yourself for one or both of our new trainings -- Best Practices, which covers ideas for promoting and advertising the service, and the one everyone's been hankerin' for, Reports. As with our other trainings, you don't need to sign up, but checking off which session you'd like to attend ensures that we have participants in every session we run, and that we only run trainings at the most popular times.

The trainings will be conducted using ReadyTalk, and I'll forward the access info as we get closer.

Don't forget -- we have two more sessions of our Troubleshooting trainings coming up, next Monday, April 21, at both 10am and 2pm. Let me know at schase[at]stowelibrary.org if you need the log in info!

** Please note: I mistakenly wrote 3pm originally -- the training is at 2pm this afternoon, Monday, April 21.

14 April 2008

Additional copies

Wow -- we just can't keep up with the holds for Grisham's The Appeal! With other titles, we've had better luck, and have purchased additional copies of the following titles to help with holds:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Barbara Kingsolver, Steven L. Hopp, Camille Kingsolver
The Audacity of Hope Barack Obama, Barack Obama
Before You Know Kindness Chris Bohjalian, Susan Denaker
The Black Echo Michael Connelly, Dick Hill
Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert
Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin, Patrick Lawlor
Twilight Stephenie Meyer, Ilyana Kadushin

Look for more new titles, coming soon.

11 April 2008

Information on Round Two

We have had interest in a Round Two of signups for the Listen Up! Vermont service. If your library isn't participating, give it some thought: we've gone over 1,000 checkouts in just about a month (more on statistics later from Judah Hamer), had press all around the state (be sure to send in links if you've had a great article in your paper), serves towns whose populations make up 45% of the state population, and every member library to date has added about 300 additional audio titles to their collection, without adding an inch of shelf space!

Round Two will begin on July 1, 2008, with information due by June 1, 2008. New member libraries will have access to the full collection of titles, and their Green Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) fees will go to purchase additional materials, most likely in mp3 format. These libraries -- as well as all those currently participating -- will have access to another round of Digital Library 101 training.

All libraries joining Round Two are required to pay a one-time, non-negotiable fee to OverDrive (contact me at schase[at]stowelibrary.org for the amount of the fee) in addition to their GMLC fee, listed in the original blog post, here:


This GMLC fee is not pro-rated and covers a calendar year; for Round Two, it purchases you access for July 1 to December 31, 2008. Annual fees will begin to be due again in January 2009 for the 2009 calendar year. We know this might make it difficult for some libraries to join up in July, but it is important that all libraries contribute equally to the creation and building of this new collection of materials. Ask around for support for that fee -- your Friends of the Library, your Board of Trustees, your favorite patron -- by Round Two, your GMLC fee should even be tax-deductible, if you can get a donor to give it!

You might also want to consider waiting to join up for what would be Round Three (or perhaps Four?) in January 2009.

Be sure to let the GMLC know if you have any questions.

10 April 2008

Additional GMBA titles

Organizations have been very generous to the Listen Up! project this month. The Vermont School Library Association and its Green Mountain Book Award committee has generously donated the funds for second copies of all the available 2008-2009 GMBA books, listed below:

Title Creator
The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing M. T. Anderson, Peter Francis James
The Book Thief Markus Zusak, Allan Corduner
Bucking the Sarge Christopher Paul Curtis, Michael Boatman
Dairy Queen Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Natalie Moore
His Majesty's Dragon Naomi Novik, Simon Vance
Miracle in the Andes Nando Parrado, Arthur Morey

Thank you to VSLA, and also to the Friends of the DCF, Grace Greene, the Vermont Department of Libraries, and Sybil McShane for purchasing copies of the available 2008-2009 titles for both the GMBA and the DCF Awards.

09 April 2008

Using Listen Up! in schools

A former school librarian myself, I know things are always hectic in the school library, and this has presented some obstacles for some of our Listen Up! Vermont school participants. Who out there has found success already using this service? How have you promoted it to your staff and your students? Do you have a group in your school that has been particularly receptive?

I've found two areas where I have received feedback from participants: one is making students know that DCF and Green Mountain Book Award titles are available, and the other is working with your special education department, where students often benefit from reading along while listening to a recording -- and a little mp3 player is a whole lot cooler than those old-fashioned cassette players!

Teachers and librarians, please share your questions and successes in the comments, and help out your fellow colleagues.

07 April 2008

Bookmarks, Bookmarks & Trainings, Trainings

Don't forget to mail me your request for free promotional bookmarks, created by OverDrive. They are, in my humble opinion, rather sharp, and can be yours for the small, small cost of sending me postage. See here for the original post, listing the costs:


Also, don't forget about the troubleshooting trainings, this next Monday, April 14, at 10am, the next Tuesday, April 15, at 10am, and the following Monday, April 21, at 10am and 2pm. As with our Digital Library 101 training, these trainings will be conducted using ReadyTalk, so you can participate in the trainings anywhere you can be on the phone and online at the same time (or try using Skype to phone in, which is what I do).

You do not need to register for these trainings -- just call in. If you need the log in information and the phone number again, please let me know, and I will send it out to you.

05 April 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting -- security upgrade

Some folks using Windows Media Player, version 11, have had trouble upgrading their security. You may need to do the upgrade manually, which you can access at


OverDrive advises that the latest version of DRM is, not If you or your patrons are having trouble downloading or accessing your titles, be sure your Media Player recognizes this new version.

Also, another thing to check if you are having trouble downloading is to check the ODM file associations on the problem computer using the following steps:

1. In Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options
2. Select the 'File Types' tab.

3. Scroll down to the 'ODM' file type.
4. Make sure that the extension is set to open with OverDrive Media Console. If it is not, click the 'Change' button and select OverDrive Media Console.
5. Click 'OK' as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.

03 April 2008

Additional DCF titles

Thanks to a donation from the Friends of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and Grace Greene, we have purchased an additional copy of the following 2008-2009 DCF books:

Cracker! Cynthia Kadohata, Kimberly Farr
A Crooked Kind of Perfect Linda Urban, Tai Alexandra Ricci
Elijah of Buxton Christopher Paul Curtis, Mirron Willis
Home of the Brave Katherine Applegate, Dominic Hoffman
Jack Plank Tells Tales Natalie Babbitt, John H. Mayer
Who Was First? Russell Freedman, L.J. Ganser

This means Listen Up! Vermont has two copies of the available DCF books for this year. Thanks, Friends of the DCF!

02 April 2008

User accounts for reports

Some of you will have started getting emails from me through OverDrive to access your statistics. You must use Internet Explorer to access the reports (which you can do at http://www.contentreserve.com) and you can do so using the user login and password information you received in the email.

I will be going through the alphabet over the next few weeks, so that everyone will have a log in by the time our reports trainings come up, probably in May. Stay tuned for those dates -- and don't forget about troubleshooting trainings scheduled for April 14, 15, and 21!

Please do not contact me with questions about your statistics, which reports to look at, etc. Feel free to play and look around, but save your questions for the training. The report you will most likely find useful is the View Activity Charts, where you can see how many books have been checked out per day by your patrons, and also which titles.