05 April 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting -- security upgrade

Some folks using Windows Media Player, version 11, have had trouble upgrading their security. You may need to do the upgrade manually, which you can access at


OverDrive advises that the latest version of DRM is, not If you or your patrons are having trouble downloading or accessing your titles, be sure your Media Player recognizes this new version.

Also, another thing to check if you are having trouble downloading is to check the ODM file associations on the problem computer using the following steps:

1. In Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options
2. Select the 'File Types' tab.

3. Scroll down to the 'ODM' file type.
4. Make sure that the extension is set to open with OverDrive Media Console. If it is not, click the 'Change' button and select OverDrive Media Console.
5. Click 'OK' as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.

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