28 April 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting, part IV: DLL errors

Submitted by one of our member libraries --

Here's the question:
After pulling 2 or 3 books down without incident, I'm now getting an
error when downloading from Overdrive Media Console. I select download
on the listenupvermont.org download page, where I've checked out a
book. OMC starts up, and the Get Media window appears, showing the
title of the book and the save folder. I click OK, and get a window
saying "Error loading type library/DLL."

I've removed and reinstalled OMC, and rebooted. Any suggestions? I
don't see this in the help files.

And OverDrive's answer:

We are sorry for the trouble your patron experienced. The error they
received is caused when there is a problem with one of the system DLL
files OverDrive Media Console uses. To resolve that, please ask them to
follow these steps:

1. Uninstall OverDrive Media Console by going to the "Add/Remove
Programs" control panel.
2. Once uninstalled, navigate to C:\Windows\System32
3. Rename capicom.dll to capicom.dll.old
4. Reinstall OverDrive Media Console. The installation file can be
downloaded from http://www.overdrive.com/files/odmediaconsolesetup.msi

Please let us know if this helped or if we can be of further assistance.

Thank You,
The Library Reserve Support Team

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