28 April 2008

Notes from the Troubleshooting trainings

Sorry for the delay in getting these up, but here are some of the notes from the Troubleshooting trainings we recently had:

A good first step if patrons are having problems is to make sure you have upgraded your Windows Media Player. Open your OverDrive Media Console, click on tools, and then click on Windows Media Player. If you are still having trouble, try doing the upgrade manually (here's the blog post on it: http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/04/faq-troubleshooting-part-iii.html).

You next should check your device's compatibility, available on the right hand site in the Listen Up! site: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/.

Other issues you might see:
  • My hold has disappeared. This is probably because the time limit has expired for picking up the hold -- you have 30 minutes once the hold is placed in your cart to start the check out process (note, you do not have to finish downloading the item before that 30 minutes is up). The support team at OverDrive can bump your patron up the hold list if absolutely necessary. (Read below for another solution if your patrons are having trouble with their holds.)
  • Connection error. Often, this is a firewall error. Be sure to configure your firewall to allow the Console access (hopefully, if your patron has installed a firewall, they've got the knowledge to take care of this one, too).
  • CD player won't play the audio cd. Check your player's documentation: some cd players will not play burned cds. Check that you have burned the cd correctly, too, by trying it out on another player (like your computer's). Use CD-Rs to burn the books, not CD-RWs.
  • Missing download button. This happens when a patron has tried to download the item more than 3 times, and the patron will receive an error message. The Listen Up! support team can reactivate the downloads; email vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com for assistance.
Other items that came up:
  • No, you cannot return early. If the title is deleted from your OverDrive Media Console, it has only been deleted off your computer.
  • Your mp3 player won't let you transfer files if there is not enough room; if that is the case, the Console will give you an error message and allow you to delete old files.
  • You cannot see the due date of an item, but you can check when the title is available again by clicking on the cover for details -- from there, you could do the math to see if you would be able to access the title before leaving on a trip, for example.
  • Make sure your Java is updated. This has solved several upgrade problems.
What about if your patron is having trouble getting access to their holds in the first place? First, make sure the emails from OverDrive are not being caught by the spam filter (here's a blog post about that: http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/03/faq-troubleshooting-part-iii.html).

Then, make sure that if the patron has 2 or more library card numbers that they are checking the correct account for the title. This is the most common cause of this problem.

Next, check that the patron is using a library card number that is no longer valid. This is usually the case when patrons cards are lost/stolen and a new library card number is issued. Since the hold was associated to the old library card number, the hold will not show on the new library card number. If this is the case, please let OverDrive know and they can update the patron's account.

Be sure to keep an eye on all the posts in the troubleshooting category for tips to help your patrons!

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