02 April 2008

User accounts for reports

Some of you will have started getting emails from me through OverDrive to access your statistics. You must use Internet Explorer to access the reports (which you can do at http://www.contentreserve.com) and you can do so using the user login and password information you received in the email.

I will be going through the alphabet over the next few weeks, so that everyone will have a log in by the time our reports trainings come up, probably in May. Stay tuned for those dates -- and don't forget about troubleshooting trainings scheduled for April 14, 15, and 21!

Please do not contact me with questions about your statistics, which reports to look at, etc. Feel free to play and look around, but save your questions for the training. The report you will most likely find useful is the View Activity Charts, where you can see how many books have been checked out per day by your patrons, and also which titles.

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