28 May 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting -- burning to cd

I've heard a few times since Listen Up! began about folks having trouble fitting a part on a cd, even though all the audiobook parts are supposed to be small enough to burn to a CD-R. Here's what OverDrive suggests:

Sometimes, Windows Media Player thinks it can fit multiple parts on one CD, causing this error. We have found that isolating one part in Windows Media Player using the following steps resolves this error. Please ask them to follow these steps to accomplish that:

1. Close OverDrive Media Console and Windows Media Player.
2. Open "My Documents / My Media / [Book Title] ".
3. Right click on only the one part that will not burn.
4. Select "Add to Burn list".
5. Burn just this one part as usual.

23 May 2008

New MARC record

A MARC record is now available for Jhumpa Lahiri's collection of stories, "Unaccustomed Earth." It can be found by scrolling through the MARC records "widget" in the left panel. The record is named grmlc-20080520a.mrc

22 May 2008


Several of us are taking turns manning the "vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com" address. We've not had too many big problems, which is great, and people are so appreciative of the help.

I handed over the reins the other day to Chris Kirby, and on my last day, I got this email:

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I'm able to download books from
your site to my MP3 player now. I am a member of the tech-challanged
generation!!! I don't really know how I was able to do it...but I
did, it works so I guess I'm all set. I told some co-workers about
"listenupvt" I think it's a great service to offer. Thanks again.
I don't know about you, but it just makes me smile.

19 May 2008

A big thanks

As some of you know, I was honored at the Vermont Library Conference this past week with the Green Mountain Award, for organizing the Green Mountain Library Consortium and bringing downloadable audios to the libraries of Vermont. I was quite surprised, and am very honored -- and, of course, didn't do it all alone!

As with anything, Listen Up! Vermont would not be where it is today without the support, work, and faith of all those involved:
  • my fellow GMLC Board of Directors, Judah Hamer and Lucinda Walker;
  • the excellent selection committee of Maria Forman, Jeremy Green, Nancy Kerwin, and Joan Lajoie;
  • David Clark, for the snappy name of Listen Up! Vermont;
  • Chris Kirby, for all his behind-the-scenes work getting us up and running;
  • everyone at OverDrive, for giving us a quality product and a great deal of support and training on what is, for them, likely a very small budget;
  • and, last but certainly not least, all those libraries who came to our original few meetings, and took the plunge, giving money to this new and untested venture.
As I said at the luncheon, this project -- Listen Up! Vermont -- shows how powerful a group can be if we all just put a little bit into the pot and take a risk. What an honor for all of us!

16 May 2008

Reports trainings

Reports trainings have been set -- join us on:

Tuesday, May 20 at 10am
Wednesday, May 21 at 10am
Wednesday, May 21 at 3pm

As in the past, these trainings will be conducted using ReadyTalk. I will send out an email reminding everyone of the ReadyTalk web site and the access codes for the trainings.

Reports trainings are a great tool and give you many ways to access your library's statistics.

15 May 2008

Reports Trainings & Round Two

I got some questions at the Library Conference about accessing statistics for your downloadable audios. Everyone currently participating should have received an OverDrive-generated email containing a username and password to access the reports feature of OverDrive's Content Reserve. Be sure you've gotten this email, as you will want it for our next set of trainings happening next week on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am and 3pm. We'll only be running the most popular, so it looks like the Tuesday 3pm slot will be dropped. The trainings are conducted as usual using ReadyTalk, so all you need is a computer and a phone line, with the ability to be online and on the phone at the same time.

This training is excellent as there is a good deal of information OverDrive collects about circulation and title popularity, etc. Be sure to attend!

I also got a number of questions about Round Two. You can see the original blog post here:


Please note that I made a mistake reading my information from OverDrive -- the GMLC will need your info by July 1 so that your patrons may have access starting no later than August 1. Trainings will happen in July (all members, not just Round Two members, can participate in these trainings). The GMLC can invoice you prior to July 1 if necessary, or you can wait until after July 1. Be sure to take a look at the post and contact me at schase[at]stowelibrary.org if you have any questions or are interested in participating. Really, the more the merrier!

Round Two libraries will be invaluable in providing an influx of funds to purchase titles in mp3 format, due to be available this summer. Audio books in mp3 format will play on any player, including iPods. Any member library is welcome to contribute extra funds they might have (especially now at the end for many of us of our fiscal year) to the "mp3 pot." Let us know and we can send out an invoice!

Finally, non-automated libraries: don't forget that you can get rid of the prefix we originally needed to provide authentication. Your patrons can simply type in their card numbers! You can see Chris Kirby's original post here:


09 May 2008

FAQ: Troubleshooting -- Download error

If your patron has tried to download something and hit the three-try limit, in addition to the message they might see enumerated in this previous post (http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/03/troubleshooting.html), they might also see error message 80040812 with a description "failed call to fulfill the title." OverDrive tells me error message 80040812 always means the patron has used up their three downloads, and needs to have them reset.

To reset a download, we need the patron's library card/patron number as well as the title of the book(s) in question. We've found this is a more common occurrence in our patrons who are still using dial-up; we should all recommend to our dial-up patrons that they try to download one or a few parts at a time, rather than the whole book, to try and avoid errors. Email us at vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com and we can reset the downloads for you with this information.

And don't forget to mark your calendar for the reports trainings in two weeks or so, and vote on the time you would most like to see them run. Right now, it looks like we'll run three, and drop the Tuesday at 3pm slot.

05 May 2008

Bookmarks, rearing their ugly heads

I've still got boxes of bookmarks here, just waiting to make it to their new homes for free. I'm a little bit tired of having to move the boxes, so I'd love to share the wealth. So -- I will bring the bookmarks to the Vermont Library Conference for you, packaged in a plastic shopping bag, IF you tell me ahead of time that you would like me to do so. I will have them out in the parking lot by the conference center in the Town of Stowe car (which is hard to miss -- it is a big, black, decommissioned police SUV with "Stowe" on the sides in red letters) and you can pick them up from me during the first break, between 10 and 10:15 on Tuesday and 10:15 and 10:30 on Wednesday.

Please, don't forget to email me (schase [at] stowelibrary.org) that you want yours. And, even better yet, send me the postage and I can drop them in the mail!

Here's the postage costs, for reference:


01 May 2008

New MARC records

There are new MARC records available. For convenience, I have added the MARC records widget in the left panel of the blog.

Simplifying the login: dropping the prefix

Good News! If you contact me, we can now simplify the login process for your library users. Many (but not all) libraries in our consortium were asked to place a prefix before their library card number. The purpose behind this was to ensure that every Listen Up! user number in consortium would be unique. For example, Tenney Memorial Library has card numbers with only four digits, and so we asked Tenney users to place the final four digits of their zip code in front of their library number. So a library user with the card number 2224 would have to enter 50512224. Now we have a way to make the numbers unique without the prefix. So if you want this change made, contact me at (802) 388-4095 or email me at chris.kirby[at]ilsleypubliclibrary.org