19 May 2008

A big thanks

As some of you know, I was honored at the Vermont Library Conference this past week with the Green Mountain Award, for organizing the Green Mountain Library Consortium and bringing downloadable audios to the libraries of Vermont. I was quite surprised, and am very honored -- and, of course, didn't do it all alone!

As with anything, Listen Up! Vermont would not be where it is today without the support, work, and faith of all those involved:
  • my fellow GMLC Board of Directors, Judah Hamer and Lucinda Walker;
  • the excellent selection committee of Maria Forman, Jeremy Green, Nancy Kerwin, and Joan Lajoie;
  • David Clark, for the snappy name of Listen Up! Vermont;
  • Chris Kirby, for all his behind-the-scenes work getting us up and running;
  • everyone at OverDrive, for giving us a quality product and a great deal of support and training on what is, for them, likely a very small budget;
  • and, last but certainly not least, all those libraries who came to our original few meetings, and took the plunge, giving money to this new and untested venture.
As I said at the luncheon, this project -- Listen Up! Vermont -- shows how powerful a group can be if we all just put a little bit into the pot and take a risk. What an honor for all of us!

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