05 May 2008

Bookmarks, rearing their ugly heads

I've still got boxes of bookmarks here, just waiting to make it to their new homes for free. I'm a little bit tired of having to move the boxes, so I'd love to share the wealth. So -- I will bring the bookmarks to the Vermont Library Conference for you, packaged in a plastic shopping bag, IF you tell me ahead of time that you would like me to do so. I will have them out in the parking lot by the conference center in the Town of Stowe car (which is hard to miss -- it is a big, black, decommissioned police SUV with "Stowe" on the sides in red letters) and you can pick them up from me during the first break, between 10 and 10:15 on Tuesday and 10:15 and 10:30 on Wednesday.

Please, don't forget to email me (schase [at] stowelibrary.org) that you want yours. And, even better yet, send me the postage and I can drop them in the mail!

Here's the postage costs, for reference:


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