01 May 2008

Simplifying the login: dropping the prefix

Good News! If you contact me, we can now simplify the login process for your library users. Many (but not all) libraries in our consortium were asked to place a prefix before their library card number. The purpose behind this was to ensure that every Listen Up! user number in consortium would be unique. For example, Tenney Memorial Library has card numbers with only four digits, and so we asked Tenney users to place the final four digits of their zip code in front of their library number. So a library user with the card number 2224 would have to enter 50512224. Now we have a way to make the numbers unique without the prefix. So if you want this change made, contact me at (802) 388-4095 or email me at chris.kirby[at]ilsleypubliclibrary.org


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