29 September 2008

How time flies. MP3s are here!

Sit idly by and technology zooms past you. Just this morning, the selection committee posted the fantastic news that iPod compatibility was just around the corner for the users of our Listen Up! Vermont site. Well, you step away for lunch and come back and lo and behold we've been able to add a small starter collection of MP3 titles to the site. Bear in mind that this format is new to OverDrive and publishers are just beginning to make their decisions as to what titles will be released in this format; it stands to reason that "the classics" would be the first titles to become available since many of these are in the public domain and copyright issues are less of a concern. Our first acquisition of MP3 titles bears this fact out. This is only the beginning and certainly just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what will become our most developed and used segment of the Listen Up! Vermont downloadable audiobook collection. Here's the list of our first MP3 titles:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (unabridged)
Mark Twain

Anna Karenina (unabridged)
Leo Tolstoy

The Botany of Desire (unabridged)
Michael Pollan

Dracula (unabridged)
Bram Stoker

The Eagle Has Landed (unabridged)
Jack Higgins

The Fountainhead (unabridged)
Ayn Rand

The Good Earth (unabridged)
Pearl S. Buck

The House of Mirth (unabridged)
Edith Wharton

The Jungle (unabridged)
Upton Sinclair

Left Behind (unabridged)
Tim LaHaye

Little Women (unabridged)
Louisa May Alcott

Master and Commander (unabridged)
Patrick O'Brian

Moby Dick (unabridged)
Herman Melville

My √Āntonia (unabridged)
Willa Cather

My Man Jeeves (unabridged)
P. G. Wodehouse

The Natural (unabridged)
Bernard Malamud

Persuasion (unabridged)
Jane Austen

Peter Pan (unabridged)
J. M. Barrie

Pride and Prejudice (unabridged)
Jane Austen

A Room With A View (unabridged)
E. M. Forster

Sense and Sensibility (unabridged)
Jane Austen

A Tale of Two Cities (unabridged)
Charles Dickens

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