29 September 2008

iPod Compatibility is nigh!

As many of you have heard by now, OverDrive has officially announced digital audiobook support for Apple's iPod and Microsoft's Zune as well as virtually all other MP3 players.

Yes, that's great news especially for our members who have been asking for this compatibility since day one. When will this format become available to our user specifically? The answer to that question is a bit complicated to answer but in all likelihood the MP3 format will begin to appear in our collection sometime around the end of the year. OverDrive has to rework each client's web interface to allow for the new format and as well, each client has to purchase new titltes in this format.

What changes will users of the Listen Up! Vermont site notice going forward? The existing collection of titles will remain in their current format with limited device compatibility. Publishers will be making titles available in MP3 format at their discretion which means not every title purchased in the future will be iPod compatible. The mission of the selection committee will be to strike a balance weighing the popularity of the iPod against the popularity of certain titles and their available formats. Rest assured that the selection of titles will lean heavily to the iPod's MP3 format but bestsellers/popular titles will be acquired regardless of format. As the existing collection will remain in the WMA format, the selection committee will need to examine whether or not the popularity of some titles warrant purchase in the MP3 format as well. With limited funds, the emphasis will likely focus on growing the collections with new and popular titles. As always, this service is only as successful as the choices made in the selection of titles meets the needs of the users so please take any and every opportunity to submit purchase suggestions. Thanks!

You can now give your patrons the good news that iPod compatibility is on the horizon. We will post to this blog the moment we have the first MP3 titles in our collection.

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