08 September 2008

Listen Up! Vermont in Jericho/Underhill and Williston

This is a guest post with contributions from Holly Hall, Director of the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, which serves Jericho and Underhill, and Marti Fiske, Director of the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston.

Holly: Like [Middlebury], we too have a logo on our front page that is a direct link to the site. We also have a "How to" link on the front page. Feel free to copy it! [The link is: http://www.drml.org/]

We have a column in our local paper and mention the site often. We also put it in our print newsletter and e-letter frequently. At the circ desk we have those business size cards that came to us as a template. We print them out on just regular copy paper so they are cheaper.

Staff is very good at mentioning it to people who are checking out audios. When we first started offering the service we did a step by step how to session using our LCD projector and my MP3 player.

Our community has a large commuter base and they love to try new things. I still get asked about Ipods on a weekly basis and I think we will see even more circ once we can offer service to Apple users!

The only things I would add to David's list is we give the brochure on how to begin (provided by Overdrive) to every new patron and always talk it up, especially when someone can't find the audio title they want. [Note: you can find the handout Marti mentions, along with many other promotional tools, in the Box.net widget in the following blog post: http://vtaudiobooks.blogspot.com/2008/03/promotional-materials-and-more.html]

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