24 October 2008

Public Library Statistics forms

I've had a brief chat with Rob about reporting your Listen Up usage, and we wanted to clarify some things:

1. Be sure to check off the box on the form that you are participating

2. Be sure to check your circulations and put them in with your other circ stats

3. All of us -- unless you have input all of the MARC records into your system and have given them all local info -- should count our Listen Up! subscription as one database (for example, if you do Listen Up and VOL, list 20, or 21 if you also have access to Heritage Quest).

4. If you are using the MARC records and have all of them in, count the total number of records as audio holdings. If you have only begun the process, count only those MARC records you have imported and edited with local info as audio holdings.

5. Your Listen Up! membership fee should be reported on line 6b, with your other electronic expenditures.

15 October 2008

Reports Trainings

As we start to fill out your statistics forms for the state, some of us may need a refresher on how to access the reports available to us about the Listen Up! Collection. We will offer two trainings on Wednesday, November 5 -- one at 10am, and one at 3pm.

I will send an email out with the details -- mark your calendars!

03 October 2008

Transferring to mp3 player: player not found

We recently had a user encounter the following error message:
"The selected portable player could not be found. This process will be aborted. Please reconnect your device and try again."

Possible solution:
Overdrive has released a new build of the
OverDrive Media Console ‘Transfer Wizard’, which may resolve
this transferring problem. I have added the software update ('TransferWizard.zip)to the Box widget (for MARC records).

1. Save the attached 'TransferWizard.zip' file to your computer and
extract it. The file you want is 'TransferWizard.exe'

2. Go to this folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\OverDrive Media Console\

3. Rename the current copy of TransferWizard.exe to TransferWizard.old.

4. Copy the new version of the TransferWizard.exe file to this folder.

Once these steps have been completed, try to transfer
a title to their device.

02 October 2008

new MARC records

There are new MARC records available. The latest file in the Box widget is grmlc-20081001a.