03 October 2008

Transferring to mp3 player: player not found

We recently had a user encounter the following error message:
"The selected portable player could not be found. This process will be aborted. Please reconnect your device and try again."

Possible solution:
Overdrive has released a new build of the
OverDrive Media Console ‘Transfer Wizard’, which may resolve
this transferring problem. I have added the software update ('TransferWizard.zip)to the Box widget (for MARC records).

1. Save the attached 'TransferWizard.zip' file to your computer and
extract it. The file you want is 'TransferWizard.exe'

2. Go to this folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\OverDrive Media Console\

3. Rename the current copy of TransferWizard.exe to TransferWizard.old.

4. Copy the new version of the TransferWizard.exe file to this folder.

Once these steps have been completed, try to transfer
a title to their device.

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