20 November 2008

A present for Mac users

Hoorah! The OverDrive Media Console (OMC) is now Mac-compatible!

Read the press release here:

A great sum-up on the EarlyWord blog, geared towards libraries:

And, finally, download your version here:

This is sooner than we hoped, and, with our mp3 files now available, Listen Up! Vermont can serve our Mac patrons (including me!).


Anonymous said...

Hooray for those of us who are restricted to Mac OS environments. However, all of the teen titles are WMA files, and several schools and school libraries use Mac OS. My bottom line? Will this change so that kids and teen titles can be played on both platforms?

Stephanie Chase said...

The titles that are available in mp3 format are decided entirely by the publisher -- and it strikes me that while the selection is rich in classics, which would be fabulous for high school libraries, I am not sure what the selection is of current YA and teen titles in mp3 format.

MacOS school libraries may want to look at the collection of titles in the WMA "Always Available" section -- are there titles there your students read? These titles are available in mp3 format as well, and the Selection Committee could look into purchasing copies of titles in mp3 format for schools.