01 December 2008

A round up of notes on circulating mp3 players

Below are answers Cindy from Cobleigh received about lending MP3 players, and posted on VALSPub:

I have two of them. Surprisingly not too many people have borrowed them. I have a two week lending period, but with the idea that people can renew (even by phone) and if there is no one waiting the can have it longer. It is the only thing I do charge overdue fine for. Again because of lack of demand, this has not been an issue. I definitely require that people provide their own ear buds. I also purchase the cable that allows the MP3 player to be plugged into a car that has an auxiliary cable.

Lisa Daudon
Starksboro Public Library

The Dorset Library bought 6 Creative Stone Zen 2GB players and have them in zip lock bags with barcodes, earphones, etc. People are free to use their own earbuds. They may be borrowed for a 3 week period. No charge, no deposit.
Gail Woll

We have two that we lend out (also without earbuds). At Stephanie Chase's suggestion, we put them in CD cases: player in one sleeve, directions in another sleeve. They are barcoded and have a catalog record, so they can be reserved. We lend them for 3 weeks.

Kimball Public Library
67 Main St.
Randolph, VT 05060
(802) 728-5073

From Warren:

We have four of them, one RCA and the other three SanDisk. We put them into old videocassette cases with a hunk of foam. We cut out a little hole for the player and included the cable to hook up to the computer. We are still on a manual system, so no barcodes. They go out for two weeks but can be renewed as long as we don't run out of them. If we start running short of meeting demand we'll ask people to bring them back in. So far, not a problem. The worst thing is the lack of bookmarks. I'd love to see an MP3 player designed specifically for audiobooks--these are mainly for music and they don't work all that well.

Hi, We're just getting ready to loan MP3 players. We're barcoding them and adding them to the collection. Check-out will probably coincide with the loan period for Listen Up! Vermont. I don't think we'll ask for a deposit since we have other materials that we loan that cost as much as the players.
from Brown Public Library

Dear Cindy

We do loan out MP3 players. We have a lending period of one week and patrons are required to provide their own headphones. Our solution to barcoding and storing the players was to put them in individual VHS hard plastic cases. We created artwork that shows a picture of the MP3 player, the barcode number, information on how to use the player, and what each case includes. This helps us to double check it every time one is checked out/in.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Katie Martin-Woodard

Circulation Assistant

Pierson Library


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