27 February 2009

new MARC records

There are new MARC records in the box widget in the left pane. They are labeled grmlc-20090130a.mrc and grmlc-2009025a.mrc.

05 February 2009

The Mysterious Box Widget

Thanks to Gail from Dorset for pointing out to me that the email readers of the blog don't see the little Box Widget I embed in the body of the blog post. When you go to the blog and look at the post live (as opposed to your feed reader or email), you should see something like the image to your left -- a white box entitled "Listen Up!" with several documents in it.

All you have to do to access the document is click on the one you want, and it will download to your computer. The article we've created for libraries to use as part of our Celebrate 10,000 Checkouts is in there, titled "Feb 2009 article.doc."

The Box Widget Chris mentions when he uploads new MARC files is permanently located in the left sidebar of the blog.

04 February 2009


Apologies to everyone looking for the article in the Box widget... I had forgotten to rename it. You'll find the basic article there now, under "Feb 2009 article.doc." Let me know if you have trouble accessing it!

03 February 2009

In order to celebrate reaching 10,000 checkouts, our mp3 files, iPod and Mac compatibility, and the addition of new libraries in Round Three, the GMLC Board would like to ask that all of our member libraries participate in a little publicity blitz for Listen Up! Vermont.

During this month of February, please consider doing one of the following:
  • Talking about Listen Up! Vermont in your library's newsletter or email newsletter
  • Putting an article in your local paper about Listen Up! Vermont -- there's a basic one in the Box widget (below) called "Feb 2009 article"
  • Blog about Listen Up! Vermont on your library's blog -- you could blog about a favorite title, using the service, how to use the service, and more
  • Print out some of the promotional materials in the Box widget and have them around your library. I even still have some bookmarks -- send me some postage!
Why not put an article in your local paper the week before February vacation? Audio books are great for traveling.

Have other ideas? Why not post them in the comments below?