30 April 2009

Including LU!V in your grant requests

Have you thought about including some funds to purchase titles for the Listen Up! Vermont collection in grant requests you are making? Many of us, when writing grants for programs and services, include some money to purchase new books on the subject. Why not, as part of that materials budget in the grant, include $100 or $250 or $500 for purchasing digital materials?

We have had several libraries do this in the past year, acquiring children's materials and materials on personal finance for the collection. Such a request can be a small part of your overall grant budget, but allows you to perhaps increase the impact of your grant by highlighting the collaborative sharing of resources, providing materials in new formats, the "Green" element of providing digital media, and more.

Think about it, and contact the Selection Committee at vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com if you have an idea for a grant or wish to write digital media into your grant.

28 April 2009

Did you know?

  • That the Listen Up! Vermont selection committee has increased the size of the collection almost 75% since the beginning of 2009? 170 of those new titles are in mp3 format, a format that was not available to purchase when we started. Wow!

  • That we have some trainings coming up?

Wednesday May 6th at 10am
Patron Assistance: Become an OverDrive Download Library Specialist
We'll help take your understanding of OverDrive download media to the next level so you can share your knowledge through support and training. We'll review frequently asked questions, support tips, and online help resources.

Wednesday May 6th at 3pm
Real-Time Reports: Size-up Success...and Stay on Track
We'll showcase reports which will best track circulation, new patrons, site traffic, and popular titles. Your team can then use these online reports to gauge how your Virtual Branch is doing, and track a path to future success.

Thursday May 7th at 10am
Digital Library 101: Browse, Check Out, and Download!
Learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive media. At the end of this course, staff should feel comfortable answering basic questions about your library's Virtual Branch.

  • That the GMLC has scheduled their Second Annual Meeting? It will be held Wednesday, May 13 from 1 to 2pm at the Sheraton. This is during the lunch period at the conference; lunch is provided with your registration, so look for more information on-site as to the exact location (or table!) of our meeting. For more information, and to print a copy of the agenda, go to http://gmlc.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/annual-meeting-agenda/.

27 April 2009

Good Words for OverDrive Support

A note from one of our librarians:

I wanted to tell you how helpful the tech people have been. I have a very sweet young man who is really into physics, and he was frustrated that he couldn't get Overdrive to download to his home computer. I asked him to print out the message he got, but he wrote it down. I was not sure I had enough information for them, but they were able to give me step by step directions to pass on to him, and he happily downloaded Overdrive and burned the books he wanted to cd.

Please don't hesitate us if you or one of your patrons are having trouble -- simply email vtaudiobooks@gmail.com with as much information as you can provide (ie, your operating system, the error message you get, the step that's not working, etc). Hone your own troubleshooting skills at one of our trainings, too:

Patron Assistance: Become an OverDrive Download Library Specialist

Wednesday May 6th at 10am

Digital Library 101: Browse, Check Out, and Download!

Thursday May 7th at 10am EDT

remember, you do not need to pre-register for these sessions -- just be online at the right time with your access code, and be able to be on the phone at the same time. Look for an email soon with the access codes and more information.

23 April 2009

Helping your patrons find what's in

Did you know there is an easy way to get a list of only what has a copy immediately available to check out on Listen Up! Vermont?

From the home page, click on "Advanced Search." You'll see at the bottom of the page there is a check box for "Only show titles with copies available." You can limit your search (perhaps by format, or typing in a subject) and check the box, or just check the box and leave everything else alone, and you will get a list of what's in. Currently, there are 368 titles with copies available.

14 April 2009

Helpful Resources for Troubleshooting; More on Training

You -- and your patrons -- might be interested in taking a look at the Alachua County Library's Help/Policies and Procedures page for their OverDrive account. It's full of clear Frequently Asked Questions, many of which correspond with our borrowing practices:


Don't forget to vote for the training time you can attend! If you are interested in coming to one -- or both -- of these trainings, please check all of the times you would be able to attend. We will choose the most popular time slot for each:

We will post the final training dates by the week of April 27th.

10 April 2009

Across the Fence on Monday

From the Vermont Library Association's blog -- thanks Amy and Debbie!

Heads up: National Library Week Broadcast on WCAX

Across the Fence on WCAX features National Library Week this Monday, April 13. Debbie Landauer and I talked up books for all ages (the list at http://libraries.vermont.gov/sites/libraries/files/misc/natlibwk09.pdf), Listen Up! Vermont (since we’re both fans, and two of our books are on LUVt), and the CREATIVE VERMONT bookmarks (http://libraries.vermont.gov/libraries/srp/adult).

We hope the audience runs into your public library for all of these things!

Amy Howlett
Southeast Regional Consultant
Vermont Department of Libraries

09 April 2009

Upcoming Training Dates

It is time for another round of Digital Library 101 and Reports trainings!

If you are interested in coming to one -- or both -- of these trainings, please check all of the times you would be able to attend. We will choose the most popular time slot for each:

We will post the final training dates by the week of April 27th.

Checking your statistics

I've gotten a couple of questions lately about checking your statistics for Listen Up! Vermont. I encourage everyone to take the Reports training (look for info in the next few days about upcoming training dates for both Reports and Digital Library 101) -- there is an incredible amount of information available about your patron's usage of Listen Up! -- but in the meantime, here are the steps to find out your monthly circulation.

  1. Go to http://www.contentreserve.com/ using Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on "Login." If you do not have your login and password, please contact Stephanie Chase at schase[at]stowelibrary.org. Please save your login information in a safe, accessible place.
  3. Click on "Reports."
  4. Click on the fifth report title down, View Activity Charts.
  5. Choose "Checkouts by Month" in chart type
  6. Make sure "Maximum Access Subscription and Owned" is chosen in the title type
  7. Choose your Library's name (it's alphabetical by library name, not town) in the branch field
  8. Choose all formats in the Format field
  9. Use 1/1/08 as a start date, and today's date as the end date
  10. Click on ok
You will now see a bar graph with your monthly circulation. If you click on the month and year to the far left in the graph, you can see a list of the titles your patrons downloaded.