28 May 2009

Amazing news on iPod compatibility

Thanks to EarlyWord, I've come across this very, very excellent piece of news regarding OverDrive:

"Once OverDrive Media Console version 3.2 is installed, most titles in a library's OverDrive WMA Audiobook collection will instantly become iPod-compatible for users with Windows PCs [my emphasis]. The growing collection of iPod-compatible, Mac®-friendly OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks will still be available to help libraries better serve patrons with Apple computers."

Can you say WOW?!?

The OverDrive Media Console upgrade should be available in mid-June. For the full press release, see


A technical note: a good thing to let your iPod users know is that formatting their iPod to work with a Windows machine will allow the iPod to be connected to both a PC and a Mac. I have a PC at work and a Mac at home, and have my iPod Windows-formatted so that I can use it on both machines. PCs won't read Mac-formatted iPods.

This means an iPod user that has access to a PC with the upgraded Console, even if they have a Mac at home, will be able to access the WMA files.

If patrons need to switch their iPod from Mac-formatted to Windows-formatted, they should be sure they have all of the data on their iPod saved on their Mac. Connecting the iPod to a Windows PC will cause the iPod to be re-formatted and will erase all of the data on it; after re-formatting, they can connect their iPod to their Mac and reload all their data.

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