23 June 2009

Open Training Month for OverDrive

Once again, OverDrive will be offering "Open Training Month," where we can take online training on using OverDrive along with other librarians from around the country. Last year, they gave prizes based on registration and attendance... let's try to win it!

We'll post more information as it becomes available, but for now, here's what OverDrive has to say:

Registration opens July 1, and your staff can register and participate as an individual or group. Sessions will be offered five days a week throughout September.

Course List:

1. Browse, Check Out, and Download!

Join us as we demonstrate how to browse, check out, and download titles from a library's Virtual Branch website. Plus we'll cover required software, portable devices, help resources, and new features and formats for 2009.

2. Collection Checklist

With OverDrive's collection checklist you'll be quickly up to speed with online ordering. Best of all, you'll learn how to attract users to your Virtual Branch website by creating an exciting and easy to maintain download collection.

3. Community Outreach

In this session we'll share creative, easy, and cost-effective ideas for introducing new patrons to your OverDrive download library. We'll also feature prize winners from this year's Community Outreach Program contest.

4. Patron Assistance

We'll help take your understanding of OverDrive download media to the next level so you can share your knowledge through support and training. We'll review frequently asked questions, support tips, and online help resources.

5. Real-Time Reports

We'll showcase reports which best track circulation, new patrons, site traffic, and popular titles. Your team can then evaluate how your Virtual Branch is doing, and chart a path to future success.

6. OverDrive's 2009 Partner Update

OverDrive delivers the industry's leading features and formats to your library users. Learn what's new and coming soon for your OverDrive download library.

05 June 2009

Ever wonder...

What the most popular title on Listen Up! Vermont is?

The Kabul Beauty School, with 148 checkouts since March 2008. The most popular title that is not an Always Available title? It's a tie between Grisham's The appeal and, of course, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight with 99 checkouts each.

What the most popular poetry book is?

Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, with 23 checkouts.

What the most popular book for children is?

Mark Zuzak's The Book Thief with 81 checkouts.

What the most popular non-fiction book is?

After The Kabul Beauty School, it's Three Cups of Tea with 82 checkouts.

If there are titles that haven't gone out?

At this time, there are only 18 titles that have never been checked out... all of which have been purchased in only the last few weeks. I bet that will change quickly!