04 August 2009

Welcome, new members and iPod news!

It's official: our Round Four folks are live! Welcome to:
  • Arvin A Brown Library
  • Baxter Memorial Library
  • Bennington Free Library
  • Groton Free Public Library
  • Highgate Public Library
  • Lawrence Memorial Library
  • Lincoln Library
  • Royalton Memorial Library
  • S. Burlington Community Library
  • Weathersfield Elementary School
I also want to remind people that with an upgrade to the new OverDrive Media Console, all of the titles in our collection become iPod compatible when they are transferred to an iPod using a PC. Mac-iPod users are still limited to the titles in the mp3 collection only. Confusing? Check out the two new items in the Box.net widget, under Promotional Materials:
Be sure to take a look through the Promotional Materials; you might find something you like!

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