10 September 2009

Troubleshooting: transfering to an iPod

With the new ability to transfer WMA format audio books to an iPod using a PC, it can get a little tricky! If you have a patron who is having trouble getting a WMA file onto an iPod using a PC (and there is no Mac involved!), they might want to try the following steps:

We believe it may be helpful to uninstall the OverDrive Media Console. Please ask your patron to
complete the following steps to do so.

To remove your existing installation of OverDrive Media Console:

- Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301
- Near the bottom of the page, download the installation package for the
'Windows Install Cleanup Utility'.
- Once you download the .EXE file, run it to install the utility.
- Then, run the utility from the programs list in the Start Menu.
- Select the OverDrive Media Console and click 'Remove'.
- Close the utility.

After you have completed these steps please perform the following to reinstall the OverDrive Media Console:

1. Copy this URL:
and paste it in your web browser's address field.

2. Press 'Enter' to begin the download.

3. When the .msi has finished downloading, attempt to install it.

Once these steps have been completed, can you please ask your patron to ensure that the setting 'Manually Manage Music' has been adjusted on their iPod? If needed, we've included steps to accomplish this.

A. Connect your device to your computer.
B. If it does not launch automatically, open iTunes (v7.6.2.9 or newer).
C. In iTunes, locate your device in the left vertical navigation panel
(under heading 'DEVICES'), and click your device.
The 'Summary' screen is displayed.
D. If it is not already checked, place a checkmark next to option
'Manually manage music…'.
E. Click the 'Apply' button.
The iTunes 'Summary' screen refreshes, and your changes are saved.
F. If desired, close iTunes.

After the setting 'Manually Manage Music' has been adjusted (or confirmed that it's set) can you please ask your patron to attempt to transfer a title to their iPod by using the OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard?

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