01 December 2009

FAQ on audio programs

I have created two new FAQ pages to help librarians with our two downloadable audio book services:

Listen Up! Vermont FAQ
Recorded Books One Click FAQ

There are differences between the programs -- the two most important being:
  • all titles on Listen Up! are iPod compatible when transferred to an iPod using a PC
  • only mp3 formatted titles from Recorded Books can be used with an iPod, regardless of the computer you are using
  • the vast majority of titles on Listen Up! are one-copy, one-user, and are checked out for 7 days. Titles do not expire off a portable device, but do expire on your computer.
  • titles on Recorded Books are always available, are checked out for 21 days, and do expire off your portable device and computer
A chart comparing the two would be great. Any volunteers out there... ?

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