15 December 2009

A Note on Keeping in Touch

We would like to remind all of our member libraries how important it is for you to keep up with the news for the GMLC -- the GMLC is a volunteer-run organization, and it is incredibly helpful to our volunteers, as well as considerate of their time, to be sure your library isn't asking questions that have already been answered, or missing out on services, training, or news.

We do our best to offer a variety of options for keeping in touch:
  • This blog, which covers only our audiobook programs, and which is available either through RSS feed or by email digest (see the left sidebar);
  • Our main blog, which we suggest member libraries follow, which contains news on all our programs (including the posts from the audiobook blog) as well as Board of Directors meetings, etc -- available at http://gmlc.wordpress.com. As above, you can subscribe either through RSS feed or an email digest (see the right sidebar);
  • Become a fan on Facebook. Our GMLC blog feeds into Facebook, so you won't miss a thing -- you will actually get more news and notes!
  • Follow us on Twitter. Facebook and the GMLC blog feed into our Twitter stream.
We try our hardest to avoid mass emails, which either get lost in our vast inboxes or annoy the recipients. Choosing one of the four options above is the best plan, and will help ensure our volunteers do not receive too many email queries.

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