19 February 2010

Listen Up! stats

There is so much information you can find out about our downloadable collection through the many reports OverDrive offers. Have you signed up for the Reports training yet?

The top four most wait listed titles in our collection belong to the four books in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

The Friday Night Knitting Club is our most popular title overall.

We have 1,038 distinct titles in our collection, with an additional 113 additional copies of various titles.

7,398 unique patrons have used our collection, for a total of 32,692 checkouts, since we began in March of 2008.

We only have one book purchased before 1/31/2010 that's never gone out: a book called Prisoner of the State by Bao Pu, which was purchased 12/29/2009. All of our other titles have gone out at least once; the least popular title we own is This is the house that Jack built by Simms Taback, which has only gone out twice.

The most popular title we have added since the start of 2010 is A yellow raft in blue water by Michael Dorris, which has gone out 33 (!) times in the 16 days we've owned it.


17 February 2010

Getting in touch with the GMLC

We can never say it too often -- the success of the GMLC rests entirely on volunteer time and effort, and the cooperation of all of our member libraries. Cooperation comes in many different forms, but it is most especially important when it comes to paying your annual GMLC fee in a timely fashion and ensuring your library's front-line staff is properly trained in using the products you offer.

Your library's staff is the first stop for tech support questions on the projects you participate in, whether it is one of our downloadable audio projects or our latest project getting underway, the Mango Language learning database. Your library is responsible for attending the trainings our vendors offer, and for having your staff try, at least once, each service. The overwhelming majority of questions you receive from patrons on these projects are questions you can easily answer with a little experience of the program and the process.

If you're still stumped, we do have some further help. You may send us an email to the appropriate email below -- but know that we will expect you to have tried to solve the problem yourself. These project emails are manned by volunteers; let's be sure we are valuing their time as highly as possible.

  • Listen Up! Vermont (for second-tier support questions, purchase suggestions, or with questions on joining outside of advertised enrollment periods): vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com

  • Recorded Books membership questions: vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com; technical support questions may go directly to Recorded Books at 1.800/848.5800, and other questions to Joe Levy at jlevy[at]recordedbooks.com

  • Technical membership questions, such as questions about EZProxy (the software we use to log in) set up: gmlcvttech[at]gmail.com
    Please note: this email is NOT for tech support questions relating to our projects
Need to get in touch with the Board, or one of our other projects?
  • vokal, the Vermont Koha Project: vermontkohaproject[at]gmail.com
  • GMLC Board of Directors: gmlcvtboard[at]gmail.com
  • Questions about GMLC billing: gmlcvt[at]gmail.com
On a personal note, as many pots as I have my grubby little hands in, I am not the only volunteer here at the GMLC. Please send an email to the appropriate email listed above, rather than calling or emailing me directly. Please do not have your patrons call or email me directly with Listen Up! Vermont questions. Thanks! -- Stephanie

Winnie Belle Learned Grant titles

Thanks once again to the generosity of the Winnie Belle Learned Fund and the Vermont Public Library Foundation, we were able to add over 65 new titles for children and teens to the Listen Up! Vermont collection, including 19 mp3 titles (noted in the list below as OMA):

Title Author format
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins, Carolyn McCormick OMA
Soup Robert Newton Peck, Amon Purinton OMA
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson OMA
Whirligig Paul Fleischman, Robert Field, Lily Christian, et al. OMA
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Michael Dorris, Barbara Rosenblat OMA
The Children of Green Knowe L. M. Boston, Simon Vance OMA
Bloody Jack L. A. Meyer, Katherine Kellgren OMA
Curse of the Blue Tattoo L. A. Meyer, Katherine Kellgren OMA
Under the Jolly Roger L. A. Meyer, Katherine Kellgren OMA
In The Belly Of The Bloodhound L. A. Meyer OMA
Fire Kristin Cashore, Xanthe Elbrick OMA
Sacajawea Joseph Bruchac, Nicolle Littrell, Michael Rafkin OMA
Black Like Me John Howard Griffin, Ray Childs OMA
Down to the Dirt Joel Thomas Hynes, Sherry White, Jonny Harris OMA
Blizzard! Jim Murphy, Taylor Mali OMA
The Great Fire Jim Murphy, Taylor Mali OMA
The Double Life of Pocahontas Jean Fritz, Melissa Hughes OMA
Amelia Earhart Jane Moore Howe, Lynn Taccogna OMA
My Brother Sam is Dead James Lincoln Collier, Christopher Collier, John C. Brown OMA
Savvy Ingrid Law, Lily Blau OMA
The Golden Key George MacDonald, Paul Eggington OMA
Johnny Tremain Esther Forbes, Grace Conlin OMA
Night Elie Wiesel, Jeffrey Rosenblatt OMA
The Railway Children E. Nesbit, Renée Raudman OMA
The Railway Children E. Nesbit, Renée Raudman OMA
The Enchanted Castle (abridged) E. Nesbit, Joanna Page OMA
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Bette Bao Lord, Melissa Hughes OMA
After Amy Efaw, Rebecca Soler OMA
Now We Are Six A. A. Milne, Peter Dennis OMA
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey Trenton Lee Stewart, Del Roy OAB
The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma Trenton Lee Stewart, Del Roy OAB
The Dark Is Rising Susan Cooper, Alex Jennings OAB
Over Sea, Under Stone Susan Cooper, Alex Jennings OAB
Once Was Lost Sara Zarr, Sara Zarr OAB
The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling, Rebecca Burns OAB
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling, Geoffrey Palmer OAB
The Witches Roald Dahl, Lynn Redgrave, © 1983 Roald Dahl Nominee, Ltd OAB
James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl, Jeremy Irons OAB
Hunted P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast, Jenna Lamia OAB
Untamed P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast, Jenna Lamia OAB
Magic Tree House Collection, Books 17-24 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne OAB
Magic Tree House Collection, Books 9-16 Mary Pope Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne OAB
The Book of Three Lloyd Alexander, James Langton OAB
We Are the Ship Kadir Nelson, Dion Graham OAB
Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Judy Blume, Judy Blume OAB
Superfudge Judy Blume, Judy Blume OAB
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Judy Blume, Judy Blume OAB
Knucklehead Jon Scieszka, Jon Scieszka OAB
The People of Sparks Jeanne DuPrau, Wendy Dillon OAB
School's Out--Forever (abridged) James Patterson, Valentina De Angelis, (c) 2006 by James Patterson. All Rights Reserved. OAB
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (abridged) James Patterson, Valentina de Angelis , ©James Patterson OAB
The Final Warning (abridged) James Patterson, Jill Apple OAB
Max James Patterson, Jill Apple OAB
The Angel Experiment (abridged) James Patterson, Evan Rachel Wood OAB
Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson, Atossa Leoni, Vanessa Redgrave OAB
Grim Tuesday Garth Nix, Allan Corduner OAB
Mister Monday Garth Nix, Allan Corduner OAB
Starlight Erin Hunter, Nanette Savard, ©2006 Working Partners Limited OAB
Balto and the Great Race Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Richard Davidson OAB
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks E. Lockhart, Tanya Eby OAB
The Quillan Games D. J. MacHale, William Dufris OAB
The Soldiers of Halla D. J. MacHale, William Dufris OAB
Gossip Girl (abridged) Cecily von Ziegesar, Christina Ricci, Maria DeLuca OAB
City of Ashes Cassandra Clare, Natalie Moore OAB
City of Glass Cassandra Clare, Natalie Moore OAB
Junie B. Jones Collection, Books 5-8 Barbara Park, Lana Quintal OAB
Life Story of the Ringling Brothers Alfred Ringling, Stefen Anderson OAB

16 February 2010

Upcoming Listen Up! Vermont trainings

We have several more trainings scheduled, which staff from all of our Listen Up! Vermont member libraries should find useful:

Tuesday, March 9 at 3pm
Community Outreach
Learn creative techniques for introducing new patrons to your OverDrive download library. We'll showcase promotional ideas from high circulating libraries, plus you'll have a chance to share your own examples.

Wednesday, March 10 at 10am
Patron Assistance
We'll help take your understanding of OverDrive download media to the next level so you can share your knowledge through support and training. We'll review frequently asked questions, support tips, and online help resources.

Friday, March 12 at 10am
We'll showcase reports which will best track circulation, new patrons, site traffic, and popular titles. Your team can then use these online reports to gauge how your Virtual Branch is doing, and track a path to future success.

All of these classes should last approximately one hour and will be done using the ReadyTalk service -- which means you can do the trainings from anywhere you have access to the Internet and can be on the phone at the same time. You will need an access code for each class; be sure to contact Stephanie at schase[at]stowelibrary.org to obtain the code.

We highly recommend all libraries have at least one staff member attend the Patron Assistance class, and that whomever is responsible for statistics gathering attend the Reports class. The Community Outreach class is full of good ideas, and will be useful for staff at large libraries as well as our newest member libraries.

12 February 2010

Bookmarks, posters, and more...

Listen Up! Vermont and Recorded Books participants -- don't forget that you have access to free promotional materials for both programs!

Listen Up

Look in the box.net widget below for handouts, logos, and OverDrive created materials. You can open up the file you want right from the widget, and download or print them.

We also have posters AND bookmarks; all you have to do is send Stephanie postage (to PO Box 1029, Stowe, 05672) and she will fill up a box and send them to you. Please be sure to send postage for a flat-rate Priority Mail box as the bookmarks can get quite heavy. Check with the post office to obtain postage for the size box you would like: $5 should get you 200 or so, and the next size up, about $10.50 or so, several hundred to a few thousand. These are first come, first served, and I will do my best to send them in a timely fashion.

Recorded Books

Contact Recorded Books directly at oneclickaudio@recordedbooks.com for posters and bookmarks, and check out the box.net widget for other downloadable and printable materials:

11 February 2010

Changes to Listen Up homepage

Since OverDrive made the change to make all of the titles in our collection iPod compatible when transferred to an iPod using a PC, we've gotten many more tech support questions from Mac users. Remember: both WMA and mp3 formatted titles can play on a PC, and can be transferred to any compatible device when transferred using a PC. Only mp3 files will work with a Mac, regardless of what kind of device you are transferring to.

We wondered if part of the confusion was the heading "iPod compatible titles." We've asked OverDrive to change the headings, and now you will see the headings in the image to the left -- "New mp3 Audiobooks (Mac & Windows);" "What's New," which is everything new; and "New WMA Audiobooks (Windows)." Please note: What's New may change to something less similar to the other two, such as a collection of our top-circulating titles.

Remember too that it is the responsibility of each library to provide front-line tech support to their patrons. The overwhelming majority of questions you will receive fall into very simple categories -- such as this question about transferring to an iPod. It is important that everyone on your staff be familiar with the OverDrive Media Console and have downloaded and transferred a title once, and that everyone has attended at least one training.

We just offered several trainings, but leave a comment on this post if you would be interested in taking another; specify if you would be interested in the introductory course or the second course, Patron Assistance.

It is because of all of our dedicated librarians and many volunteers that this program is a success -- thank you!

02 February 2010

Recorded Book Additions for February

Added to the Recorded Books One Click Collection in February:

1 Thereby Hangs A Tail Quinn, Spencer
2 Killer Pancake (Catering Mystery Bk #5) Davidson, Diane Mott
3 Crowner Royal Knight, Bernard
4 Executive Power Tracy, Brian
5 Buying Secrets Retailers DON'T Want You to Know About Wink, Peter
6 Flight Burke, Jan
7 When Everything Changed Collins, Gail
8 Married in Haste Maxwell, Cathy
9 Lost Get-Back Boogie Burke, James Lee
10 Among Thieves Hosp, David iPod Compatible
11 War Dances Alexie, Sherman iPod Compatible
12 You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up Gurwitch, Annabelle & Kahn, Jeff iPod Compatible
13 Apple Turnover Murder Fluke, Joanne iPod Compatible
14 How To Love Livingston, Gorodn, MD iPod Compatible
15 Heartbreaking Work of Stagggering Genius, A Eggers, Dave iPod Compatible
16 Union Atlantic Haslett, Adam iPod Compatible
17 Up to No Good Weber, Carl iPod Compatible
18 Fireflies in December Valent, Jennifer Erin iPod Compatible
19 Justice Game, The Singer, Randy iPod Compatible
20 Nothing But Trouble Warren, Susan May iPod Compatible
21 Love’s Pursuit Mitchell, Siri iPod Compatible
22 Rhino Ranch McMurtry, Larry iPod Compatible
23 Spanish Dagger (China Bayles Bk #15) Albert, Susan Wittig iPod Compatible
24 Spanish Fly Ferguson, Will iPod Compatible
25 Polished Hoe, The Clarke, Austin iPod Compatible
26 Listener, The Nayman, Shira iPod Compatible
27 Montana Creeds: Logan Miller, Linda Lael iPod Compatible
28 Holy Smokes McAlister, Katie iPod Compatible
29 Jennifer Morgue, The Stross, Charles iPod Compatible
30 Hellfire Canyon McCoy, Max iPod Compatible

For Children and Young Adults

1 Rebecca: An American Girl Greene, Jacqueline Dembar
2 Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider Bk #8) Horowitz, Anthony
3 Raiders’ Ransom Diamand, Emily
4 Bone Magician, The Higgins, F. E.
5 Horrible Harry on the Ropes Kline, Suzy iPod Compatible
6 Silver Kiss, The Klause, Annette Curtis iPod Compatible
7 Erak’s Ransom Flanagan, John iPod Compatible