11 February 2010

Changes to Listen Up homepage

Since OverDrive made the change to make all of the titles in our collection iPod compatible when transferred to an iPod using a PC, we've gotten many more tech support questions from Mac users. Remember: both WMA and mp3 formatted titles can play on a PC, and can be transferred to any compatible device when transferred using a PC. Only mp3 files will work with a Mac, regardless of what kind of device you are transferring to.

We wondered if part of the confusion was the heading "iPod compatible titles." We've asked OverDrive to change the headings, and now you will see the headings in the image to the left -- "New mp3 Audiobooks (Mac & Windows);" "What's New," which is everything new; and "New WMA Audiobooks (Windows)." Please note: What's New may change to something less similar to the other two, such as a collection of our top-circulating titles.

Remember too that it is the responsibility of each library to provide front-line tech support to their patrons. The overwhelming majority of questions you will receive fall into very simple categories -- such as this question about transferring to an iPod. It is important that everyone on your staff be familiar with the OverDrive Media Console and have downloaded and transferred a title once, and that everyone has attended at least one training.

We just offered several trainings, but leave a comment on this post if you would be interested in taking another; specify if you would be interested in the introductory course or the second course, Patron Assistance.

It is because of all of our dedicated librarians and many volunteers that this program is a success -- thank you!

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