17 February 2010

Getting in touch with the GMLC

We can never say it too often -- the success of the GMLC rests entirely on volunteer time and effort, and the cooperation of all of our member libraries. Cooperation comes in many different forms, but it is most especially important when it comes to paying your annual GMLC fee in a timely fashion and ensuring your library's front-line staff is properly trained in using the products you offer.

Your library's staff is the first stop for tech support questions on the projects you participate in, whether it is one of our downloadable audio projects or our latest project getting underway, the Mango Language learning database. Your library is responsible for attending the trainings our vendors offer, and for having your staff try, at least once, each service. The overwhelming majority of questions you receive from patrons on these projects are questions you can easily answer with a little experience of the program and the process.

If you're still stumped, we do have some further help. You may send us an email to the appropriate email below -- but know that we will expect you to have tried to solve the problem yourself. These project emails are manned by volunteers; let's be sure we are valuing their time as highly as possible.

  • Listen Up! Vermont (for second-tier support questions, purchase suggestions, or with questions on joining outside of advertised enrollment periods): vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com

  • Recorded Books membership questions: vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com; technical support questions may go directly to Recorded Books at 1.800/848.5800, and other questions to Joe Levy at jlevy[at]recordedbooks.com

  • Technical membership questions, such as questions about EZProxy (the software we use to log in) set up: gmlcvttech[at]gmail.com
    Please note: this email is NOT for tech support questions relating to our projects
Need to get in touch with the Board, or one of our other projects?
  • vokal, the Vermont Koha Project: vermontkohaproject[at]gmail.com
  • GMLC Board of Directors: gmlcvtboard[at]gmail.com
  • Questions about GMLC billing: gmlcvt[at]gmail.com
On a personal note, as many pots as I have my grubby little hands in, I am not the only volunteer here at the GMLC. Please send an email to the appropriate email listed above, rather than calling or emailing me directly. Please do not have your patrons call or email me directly with Listen Up! Vermont questions. Thanks! -- Stephanie

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