05 March 2010

New Parenting Titles, thanks to the Ilsley Public Library

Thank you to the Ilsley Public Library, for including $500 for downloadable audio titles in a recent Winnie Belle Learned grant for their Parenting collection. With this gift, we were able to add the following titles, including the new We've got issues by Judith Warner, which has gotten quite a bit of press:

A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey with Your Kids About Sex Kevin Leman, Kathy Flores Bell mp3 format
Ages & Stages Charles Schaeffer, Theresa Foy Digeronimo mp3 format
Babyproofing Your Marriage Stacie Cockrell, Cathy O'Neill, Julia Stone, et al.
Backtalk Audrey Ricker, Carolyn Crowder, Jan Maxwell
Boys Adrift Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D., Malcolm Hillgartner mp3 format
Boys and Girls Learn Differently Michael Gurian, Chris Ryan mp3 format
Home Game Michael Lewis, Dan John Miller
How To Be The Parent You Always Wanted To Be Adele Faber, Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, et al.
How to Talk So Kids Can Learn Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Lisa Nyberg, et al.
How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Adele Faber, et al.
I Only Say This Because I Love You Deborah Tannen, Deborah Tannen
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus John Gray Ph.D., John Gray Ph.D.
Quirky Kids Perri Klass, Perri Klass, (c) 2005 Chautauqua Institution
The Educated Child William J. Bennett, William J. Bennett
We've Got Issues Judith Warner, Kirsten Potter, ©2010 Judith Warner
You're Wearing That? Deborah Tannen, Cassandra Campbell

We would love if you would consider adding some funds for downloadable titles to your next grant for materials -- we all get to benefit!

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