18 March 2010

Troubleshooting: Logging In

An oldie-but-goodie question:

We have encountered one situation... For families w/ more than one account, or even for library use, the website remembers your patron code, and it seems you can only log into a computer using one number.

We've seen this before, but thought we would share our suggestions -- they are good for everyone to keep in mind:
  • be sure to log out and close the browser fully when done;
  • go into the options for your browser and make sure you haven't told the browser to save this data (all it takes is someone saying yes once -- if this is the case, next time you log in, choose "never for this site" or similar, so it won't happen again);
  • clear out your cache and temporary Internet files;
  • completely shut down the computer and start it again.

If this is happening to you, somewhere your browser or the patron's browser is saving the old log in info.

Do you have a question? Look through our troubleshooting blog posts, and, if that doesn't help, be sure to use the vtaudiobooks@gmail.com email address.

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