03 May 2010

Recorded Books One Click Additons for May

Here's what was added to the One Click collection for May:


American Salvage* Campbell, Bonnie Jo
Angel's Peak* Carr, Robyn
Atrocity Archives* Stross, Charles
Big Girls Do Cry* Weber, Carl
Book of Murdock, The (Page Murdock #8)* Estleman, Loren D
Cat of the Century Brown, Rita Mae
Cottonwood Whispers* Valent, Jennifer Erin
Cure for all Diseases, A* Hill, Reginald
Dante’s Numbers* Hewson, David
Death of a Bad Man* Compton, Ralph
Fabulous Riverboat Farmer, Philip Jose
Galileo’s Dream Robinson, Kim Stanley
God of the Hive* King, Laurie R
Gonville: A Memoir* Birkenhead, Peter
Got You Back* Fallon, Jane
Knight, The James, Steven
Love to Last Forever, A* Peterson, Tracie
Murderer’s Daughter, The* Meyers, Randy Susan
Natural Woman, A* Johnson, Lori
Pearl of China Min, Anchee
Practicing What You Preach* Griggs, Vanessa Davis
Secret, The (Seasons of Grace Bk# 1)* Lewis, Beverly
Somebody Else’s Man* Poole, Daaimah S.
Teachings of Don Juan, The* Castaneda, Carlos
Texas McKettricks #1: Tate* Miller, Linda Lael
Texas Rain* Thomas, Jodi
Ulysses* Joyce, James
Warbreaker* Sanderson, Brandon
Wilderness, The* Harvey, Samatha
Wormwood (China Bayles Bk #17)* Albert, Susan Wittig

Children & YA:

Amaranth Enchantment, The* Gutman, Dan
Freefall (Tunnels Bk #3) Jacques, Brian
Jumped Applegate, Kathleen
Roscoe Riley Rules #5: Don’t Tap Dance on your Teacher* Berry, Julie
Sable Queen, The (Red Wall Bk #21)* Williams-Garcia, Rita
Satch & Me Gordon, Roderick
Walnut Cup, The (Elliot’s Park Bk #3) Carman, Patrick

Titles with an * are iPod-compatible.

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