02 July 2010

Browse, Check Out, Download Training from OverDrive

Our latest Listen Up! Vermont training has been scheduled for Thursday, July 15 at 10am. Your library's technology contact should have received an email with all of the details about the training.

This training is A MUST for all staff, especially if you have not taken part in a training since your library began using Listen Up! in 2007 or 2008 (the equivalent training at that time was called Digital Library 101). There have been many improvements and additions to the service since then, and OverDrive always does an excellent job.

There is no need to RSVP for the training -- just put it on your calendar! Of course, if you are planning to attend and welcome staff or volunteers from other libraries to come and participate, why not put a comment below?

Please let Stephanie know at schase[at] stowelibrary.org if you did not receive the email or if you need the information about how to log in to the training.

Happy Fourth!

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