28 July 2010

Don't Forget the Promotional Materials...

Every so often, I like to repost the information about accessing the promotional materials for our downloadable audio programs -- here's a repost of the post I did back in February:

Listen Up! Vermont and Recorded Books participants -- don't forget that you have access to free promotional materials for both programs!

Listen Up

Look in the box.net widget below for handouts, logos, and OverDrive created materials. You can open up the file you want right from the widget, and download or print them.

We also have posters AND bookmarks; all you have to do is send Stephanie postage (to PO Box 1029, Stowe, 05672) and she will fill up a box and send them to you. Please be sure to send postage for a flat-rate Priority Mail box as the bookmarks can get quite heavy. Check with the post office to obtain postage for the size box you would like: $5 should get you 200 or so, and the next size up, about $10.50 or so, several hundred to a few thousand. These are first come, first served, and I will do my best to send them in a timely fashion.

Recorded Books

Contact Recorded Books directly at oneclickaudio@recordedbooks.com for posters and bookmarks, and check out the box.net widget for other downloadable and printable materials:

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