15 July 2010

OverDrive's Open Training Month

September is Open Training Month for OverDrive, and we encourage staff from all of our member libraries to sign up and take advantage of the course offerings. As with other trainings offered by OverDrive, you can take the training anywhere you have Internet access and a computer -- you no longer need a phone line.

Visit http://www.overdrive.com/products/dlr/training/ to register. We recommend that all circulation staff at all of our member libraries take the "Browse, Check Out, Download," "Patron Assistance" and "Mobile Update" trainings. The "Community Outreach" training is a great way to get new ideas for promoting the service to patrons, and we request that the staff at all of our member libraries responsible for statistics as well as our Purchasing Committee members take the "Real Time Reports" training.

Consider doing a group training and setting up a computer and projector in your meeting room, inviting your staff and volunteers and/or librarians from nearby libraries.

You could win an mp3 player from OverDrive for attending, and who knows -- maybe help the GMLC win a collection credit!

The GMLC will also be raffling off an mp3 player. Email us at vtaudiobooks[at]gmail.com with your name and the times and dates of the courses you registered for, and we will enter your name into the raffle for each course (ie, sign up for three courses, get three raffle chances). Circulate the player at your library, or take it home and download some audio books for yourself!

The courses often fill up quickly, so register as soon as possible.

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