03 September 2010

A Note on Borrowers

We have received a few questions regarding the borrowers number to report to the GMLC in order to have your fee for 2011 calculated.

The GMLC will be taking the number you have reported to the Vermont Department of Libraries for "registered borrowers." Last year, this number was reported on line H04 of your Vermont Public Library Report. For our purposes, active borrowers and registered borrowers are one and the same: they are your patrons eligible to check out materials.

This number reflects not the number of people you feel use the library, but the number of people you have registered for library cards in your system. Each library may have different policies regarding how long inactive patrons are kept on file before having their records purged; this decision is a local decision.

Any extreme deviations from the number reported to the state for your Library in 2009 will require documentation on your 2011 membership agreement.

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