26 October 2010

DCF and GMBA Additions, audio and ebook

Our Selection Committee periodically checks to see what titles from the current DCF and GMBA awards lists may have been released on audio since our last awards purchase. Here's what we were able to add this time around:

Available ebooks from the 2010-11 DCF list
War Games
Project Sweet Life
We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June
The Hunchback Assignments

Audio titles from 2010-11 DCF list that were previously unavailable
All the Broken Pieces
11 Birthdays
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June

Available on ebook from the 2010-11 GMBA list
Wicked Lovely

Past GMBA winners now available
Crank (audio)
First Part Last (audio)
Looking for Alaska (ebook)

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