29 January 2011

Reports Training

Since the weather was so crummy for our last reports training not a lot of people were able to attend. It was with this in mind and to get our new members prepped for all things overdrive that I set up another one. Details about it can be found below:

Mark your calendar! OverDrive training for Green Mountain Library Consortium. OverDrive’s Training Team invites you to learn more about your download service from OverDrive. A class has been scheduled for your group, and the details are outlined below. Our expert trainers will answer your questions and provide tips and tricks to help make the most of your ‘Virtual Branch’. Please plan to attend!

CONFERENCE DETAILS The following course is scheduled. It will be hosted conveniently via web conference. Real-Time Reports: Size-up Success...and Stay on Track Friday, March 4th at 10:00 AM EST. Access Code: 5736005. Description: We'll showcase reports which best track circulation, new patrons, site traffic, and popular titles. Your team can then evaluate how your Virtual Branch is doing, and chart a path to future success.Duration: 1 hour.Who should attend: Project Coordinators, Administrators, and Selectors.

CONFERENCE SETUP: Please complete all steps below. The training will be conducted using ReadyTalk, which uses online web sharing and telephone conferencing. Step 1: Conference testing and setup – At least one day prior to conference 1. Test your computer: Go to http://test.readytalk.com.· If your computer is setup properly for the conference, you'll see a green circle with a check mark.· If not, instructions will be provided to install an Adobe Flash Plugin. 2. Internet connection: OverDrive recommends using a hard line Internet connection rather than a wireless connection. 3. Audio connection: · A speaker phone is recommended for the audio conference. · If your location wishes to attend but cannot dial in due to limited phone lines, please contact your OverDrive Project Manager for additional information. · ReadyTalk allows up to 96 locations to call in to each training. 4. Location: For the benefit of others on the call, please choose a quiet location for your training. Step 2: Web Conference Login – 10 to 15 minutes before the training begins 1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').2. Open your Internet browser and go to: www.readytalk.com.3. Locate the 'Join a Meeting' box. Enter your access code.4. Next, Ready Talk will display the 'Participant Registration' screen. Please enter your information as prompted, and our staff will send follow-up information after the call. Step 3: Audio Conference Login (required for audio) – 5 minutes before the training begins 1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').2. Dial the appropriate number from your touch-tone phone. Participants within US / Canada: 1.866.740.1260Other participants outside North America: Look up the International Toll-Free number for your location at http://www.readytalk.com/support. To complete the look-up, enter your ReadyTalk access code. 3. When prompted by the audio conference, enter your ReadyTalk access code.

If you have any questions about this training, please feel free to contact me at vtaudiobooks@gmail.com


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