17 March 2011

Spring Forward!

Recently on the New Hampshire downloable books listserv, the following message arrived:

"Expired titles are remaining (inactive) attached to
people's accounts not allowing them to retrieve their new holds (if
they've maxed out their three checkouts). Our patrons are complaining
that they are losing their holds".

The error message is as follows:

Error number:   0xC0001F42   
Error message:Unable to open a recordset in the database

 This may due to the fact that we recently moved our clocks forward ahead an hour. Please make sure to ask your patrons that the clocks on their device and their computers are both synced to the same time. Some other questions to ask:

     Are you behind a restrictive firewall?
    Do you have fairly high security settings on your computer?
    Can you add our server to the list of sites your browser or
operating system trusts?
    Can you right-click on URLLink.acsm, choose "Properties," and
   unblock the file?

If this happens to one of your patrons, and none of the above questions seem to help, please send me the following information:
patron number, library name, patron email address,
desired title and FORMAT (MP3, WMA, or EPUB)

I would like to thank Bobbi Slossar of the NH state library for this information. 

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