18 March 2011


The Green Mountain Mountain Library Consortium (GMLC) works to provide Vermont libraries with access to downloadable audiobooks and downloadable eBooks in an efficient and cost effective way.  Our current vendor, OverDrive, has been terrific to work with and has helped us to establish a valuable service of providing these formats to Vermonters.

A few weeks ago Overdrive informed their customers that Harper Collins, a publisher of many popular titles, has imposed a 26 checkout limit on purchased eBooks. Under this new policy, our access to these titles will “expire” after they have been checked out 26 times.  In order to continue to provide our patrons with access, the titles that have expired would need to be re-purchased, which Harper Collins says will be at a lower price rate. 

GMLC is disappointed in this change in pricing structure.  While we understand Harper Collins’ desire to ensure their digital files are not owned “in perpetuity,” we feel that there are other models that could have been implemented that would serve the needs of libraries, their patrons, and Harper Collins.  One such example would have been a model similar to the “always available” leased model used by Tantor and Blackstone for their audio titles.
GMLC, along with libraries across the state and country, are looking to Harper Collins to reconsider this recent change to its ebook purchasing structure.  Our decision to continue to purchase materials from Harper Collins will hinge on the next steps taken by this publisher.

The Green Mountain Library Consortium Board
Mary Danko, President

Direct comments can be made to Harper Collins at  library.ebook@HarperCollins.com

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